Kieron Byatt

Kieron is a Melbourne based writer, rapper and poet whose writing has appeared in Tone Deaf, Kill Your Darlings, Going Down Swinging, Verandah, Voiceworks and Overland. He writes fiction and non-fiction on a freelance basis and is a regular contributor and the comic-book columnist for Supanova. In 2013 and 2017 he reached the Victorian state final for the Australian Poetry Slam. On top of his creative output, Kieron also has extensive experience in grant-writing and development.  He is currently working on his debut graphic novel script, Meld.

Here’s What You Need To Know Before You See Deadpool 2

Just when your wallet was recovering from seeing Avengers: Infinity War a third time, Ryan Reynolds’ returns as the Merc with a Mouth for Deadpool 2. As if 2018’s slate of comic book movies wasn’t impressive enough, the sequel to Fox’s Deadpool sees the cinematic debut of one of the X-Men comics’ most beloved characters, Cable. But before the movie hits Australian cinemas this month, we wanted to answer some questions you may have about the character and the sequel in general.

'Reclaim Australia' Is The Raw, Undeniable Protest Music That Australia Needs

“Listening to your album,” a cool but tired voice breaks, “it just reminded me so much of those old days”. A guitar strums and feedback crackles. “And it brings back that time when we did pump our fists in the air. Cause you had to be,” the voice stammers, “you had to be in their face.” A blunt strum and the guitar stops. The voice repeats; determined. “You had to be in their face.” What follows is the only seconds of silence where you feel safe for the entire duration of A.B. Original’s Reclaim Australia.

This Is About Inclusion: Talking 'Reclaim Australia' With A.B. Original

“I see a lot of white faces here tonight,” Briggs smiles from behind a microphone draped in a Lakers jersey and a Lowes Hawaiian t-shirt, “which just proves that we’re fucking right.” He cracks his golden-tooth grin and the crowd erupts into laughter. Briggs’s A.B. Original counterpart Trials chortles in unison, garbed in matching threads littered with palm trees and surfboards with a backpack swinging from his shoulders.

Tkay Maidza Goes In-Depth About Her Genre-Bending Debut LP 'TKAY'

It’s been a busy couple years for Adelaide singer/rapper Tkay Maidza. The Zimbabwe-born twenty-year-old first made her mark three years ago after her collaboration with producer Badcop saw ‘Handle My Ego’ and ‘Brontosaurus’ light up Triple J’s regular rotation. Her 2014 EP Switch Tape gave birth to her own fully realised style of meshing hip-hop, pop and EDM into a glorious genre of her own.

Illy: The Government is "Openly Sh*****g On Creative Types"

With the current strength of Australian hip-hop, it’s easy to forget that before its current era of popularity and diversity it was very much a niche underground scene. An artist with ties to those earlier days of small venues and a lack of national exposure is Frankston born and raised Illy, who is hell-bent on making both the scene and his own artistry bigger than confined to one genre. The next step in doing so is his fifth album, Two Degrees, set to be released this Friday November 11.
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